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Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on over the last couple of years. I’ll start with the newest first.

Bad Bosses Big Business – Co-Author

Coming Summer/Fall 2020

One of my passions over the last 10 years has been leadership. You’ve probably noticed that by the rest of the website’s contents here. I partnered with author Dr. Tom Massey to dive into some of the horrors that exist in leadership throughout history. We then dig into how to create hope for the future and turn that hope into a transformative process to make the world a better place to work in one office space at a time.


360 Leader – 360 Thursday

360 Thursday was an ambitious project I took on. The original intention was to have a 6-minute leadership lesson based on everyday life activities. I loved this project but needed to take a step back and reevaluate. It was even more ambitious than the podcast. I learned even more about the recording and editing processes. 

The L3 Podcast

I teamed up with Derrick Sier of OMOS Teambuilding (OMOS website) to create the L3 Podcast. L3 stands for Love, Learn, and Lead. All three go hand in hand. This was my first “big,” public website. We had a lot to learn during this process and eventually ended up too busy with life to keep it going. We learned a lot during the process including how to edit audio and video and that not all computers are created equally! Who knows, maybe Derrick and I will start recording again someday.