Keeping a Positive Attitude

Some of you that know me know that I have just undergone a fairly serious surgery to repair two ruptured disks in my lower neck. For almost 13 years now, I have dealt with severe pain of one type or another on the rite side of my neck or even upper back, shoulder-blades, and shoulders. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being barely no pain and 10 being the most excruciating pain experienced, my levels were sitting at a consistent 8+. I dealt with it for yeas, hardly able to move my head and having doctors tell me that I’m simply “deconditioned” or out of shape. Grr, really? I just had an MRI if my back and skull, and all you can say is I need to take a walk? Wow, I wonder how much that cost me. So you can see a real internal battle brewing in my head. I am a positive person! Well, at least I try to be. I don’t like to dwell on the negative aspects of events. It is kind of like getting your heart broken over and over and over again. I’m not sure anyone would think that is fun.

SO? What do I do?

Well, honestly, that part is easy. There are several avenues that can be taken here, and sometimes you can or even have to take more than one.

  1. Deal with it! Sound harsh? Well, it is. It is also extremely hard to do. Just “dealing with it” does not mean you are prepared to deal with it and this can end badly.
  2. Get some help and deal with it! This is the preferable approach to the first item. Find someone who’s been there or has the expertise to help you. In my case, a neurosurgeon.
  3. Learn from it. How did you get here in the first place? How can you avoid this situation again? Look back on it, what were the tell tale signs that this was going to happen.
  4. Seek the bright side of the bad situation. This particular point gets a lot of people. I just broke my leg in a wreck where my car was totalled, my lunch was ruined, and my cell phone went flying out of the window. Seems bad, right? Well, it is, but let’s analyze a little closer.
  • Had a car wreck: This is one of the single most disruptive items that can happen in a day. It can and will disrupt your life for quite some time. You’ve had a learning process here though. Now you’re looking at more safety features on the next car. Perhaps you’ve been wanting a different car with a different color, or added sunroof or DVD Player for the kids. Hello silver lining, now you have an opportunity to look for all of these things in the replacement car, which if done right, can even cost you less than you were paying before
  • You just broke your leg. Well, your friends will come around more often to see if they can help you. If you are anything like me, you’re always the giver and rarely get treated the other direction. Not only that, but you might get some sympathy from another new girl that thinks your cute and wants to use that as an ice breaker. Heck, if nothing else, just remember that the broken bone will now be twice as strong as it was before making it hard to break again.
  • Lost your cell phone? Well, let the insurance company buy you another one – brand new 🙂

In the end, it all boils down to how you react to the situation you are given. I spent 10 years angry with the drs telling me there was nothing wrong with me. After I realize how silly this really is, I finally got the medical help I needed and had a diagnosis in a few days. Then we setup a plan of action and the executed the plan, with almost perfect precision. I could have been pain free 11 years ago if I had stopped being mad and started being  results oriented. Now, I am on the way to a complete recovery and no longer have the pain level 8s that were plaguing me daily. Instead, I have a level 3 in areas that are new and the old areas are pain free. PAIN FREE!

I still need to take a walk though, and I so. Anywhere from 2-5 miles almost every day. That makes a difference too.

So, my friends, don’t get mad. Don’t waller in your own self pitty. Nobody wants to hear it, and neither do you. Keep your chin up, look for the silver lining. Let the other stuff just roll off your back like water on a duck!