You Need to Practice PM Yoga

I was participating in an interview the other day and a new term (at least to me) popped into my head and then out of my mouth: “You have to exercise PM yoga.” At first I was alarmed that my mouth out ran my brain. While normally, this is a bad thing, that day it ended up being a perfect analogy.

It was being used to describe the fact that in today’s world, project leaders have to be extremely flexible. In the age of “do more with less,” we have to often times wear many hats.

Now. I’m not talking about being an SME and a PM all at the same time. No no no! I am a HUGE proponent of having dedicated project leaders in all organizations. What I refer to here is that a project leader has to be able to move from project to project quickly, and sometimes, even simultaneously.

Most companies do not utilize a project leader to his or her full capacity. My experience has actually been quite the opposite. So, with that in mind, I know what a PM does, I know how to do the work and when to actually do it. I have experience in all of that. What I also know, is that not all projects require a full onslaught of the PMI methodologies and processes. I also understand that not all companies utilize all of these methodologies either. So it is important to find a good balance. We need to be able to structure each project according to the needs of the project and the needs of the entire organization. We need to be flexible in the work we do while bringing enough structure to give it all the best chance for success.

What are some ways you have had to be flexible? Have you ever been too flexible?

Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your day.