Something Great May be Coming

BOOM . . . it happens!

How do you cope when an adverse situation comes your way and spoils your plans for the immediate future? Recently, a friend of mine lost his job quite suddenly. Not for anything he did, but the company simply decided to take a different approach to the job they were trying to accomplish.

This suddenly adverse scenario provided him with a great opportunity get “down in the dumps” about his situation. After all, he had just gotten a favorable review just two weeks prior and was assured his services were a key ingredient for the success of the project. Sure, he got knocked down, but his response was great.

He woke up the next day, dusted himself off, looked in the mirror and simply said, “That’s okay, I didn’t like the picture on my badge anyway.”

Sour grapes? Not in the least! He is looking for a better opportunity … and hopefully a better picture.

How do you respond to a suddenly adverse scenario? Do you get sad? Do you put your head in the sand and quietly with it didn’t happen? I hope not. If that happens to you, dust yourself off and look for something great to happen next. How you respond may very well determine your future.

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