Project Communication

Communication is such a broad word. What exactly do you think of when you hear the words “project communication”?

Who do you think of?

There are different types of communications from the face-to-face verbal communications, to non-verbal facial expressions, to email and even project websites such as SharePoint.

What I think of is communicating with project sponsors and other stakeholders. What information do they need in order to carry on with their own daily functions? Of course, there is different communication for different types of stakeholders. For example, a project sponsor probably does not want to hear about a specific task that you are assigning another team member, nor should they. At the same time, it isn’t appropriate to submit a full financial breakdown intended for the sponsor to the whole team.

You have to come up with a communications plan. This important document in the overall project management plan is key to determining the amount of communications as well as the content and schedule of the communications that you will send each stakeholder.

Communication is vital to the success of your project. Creating a communication plan is vital to the success of your communications. Without the plan, important updates and other information can get missed or worse, ignored.

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